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Tree Trimming Services

If you have trees on your property, you need tree trimming services. Tree trimming is important to keep your trees healthy and beautiful. Just as you cut your grass, or prune your bushes, trees also need upkeep to keep them looking their best. One important function of tree trimming involves removing dead wood. Dead wood is literally dead weight, holding back new growth and leading to problems such as insect infestation or tree decay. 

Trimming and pruning also benefits a tree by allowing the tree to establish a stronger structure. Air circulation is improved and new growth is encouraged by trimming. Lower branches can also be removed to allow easier walking, mowing, or more clearance for buildings.

Tree Trimming Service in Boulder County, CO

Tree Pruning

Healthy, mature trees add value to your home. Trees can be pruned or trimmed on an as-needed basis, or, we can set up regular seasonal services for your convenience. We are happy to discuss our services and your options to figure out what’s best for your unique situation.

Some companies require large trucks with lifts to do trimming or pruning work. However, heavy equipment can damage your lawn, leaving you with an even bigger mess than you had in the first place; that’s why Hollar Tree Company uses ropes to ascend the tree, thereby avoiding the use of heavy equipment, and protecting your property. This approach also allows more precise control, preventing unintended damage to healthy branches or limbs.

The cost for our trimming and pruning varies widely, depending on the condition of your tree and how much service needs to be done. We would love to visit your property to provide a free estimate. 

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