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Tree Services

Tree services are what we are all about! Unbeatable customer services is how we do it! Boulder County is where we do it.

From the first call we receive from a potential client through the end of a job, we ensure that we listen to the client's needs and explain our process before the job starts. We work to set proper expectations of what the process will look like along with what our client can expect to see at the end of the job. It is our goal to have timely, professional responses and estimates as part of the experience working with Hollar Tree Company.

Tree Trimming

Proper tree pruning helps your tree look great and grow to its fullest potential. If you need tree trimming services, give us a call!

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Tree Removal

Sometimes, full tree removal is necessary for the safety of your property. Our tree removal experts are ready to help.

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Stump Removal

Old stumps can be unsightly and dangerous. Whether you need stump grinding or full stump removal, we can handle it. Give us a call today!

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Why Choose Us?

Superb Cleanup: It is our goal to leave your yard looking as good, or better than it did when we started our job. We are always conscious and respectful of plants, lawn furniture or other items that are in your yard and do our best not to disturb them. After a job is completed, we rake up any leaves or twigs left on the ground and finish up the job with a leaf blower to ensure that we clean even the smallest of leaves.

Year-Round Availability: Trees grow all year and we know that our clients might want services in the heat of the summer or during the cold months of winter. That is why we offer our services year-round and in almost any type of weather.

Safety: Safety is our highest priority. Not only for our climbers and crew on the ground but for you and your family as well. Before starting a job, we analyze all potential risks and take the proper precautions to ensure we are following the best safety protocols. If you and your family are at home during our work, we will always communicate where it is safe to be in your yard and areas that you will need to avoid.

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