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Hollar Tree Company is a locally owned and fully insured tree care company founded on the belief that it is our responsibility to provide top-quality care for trees and customers. We strive to create better landscapes, increased property value, and longer life expectancy for our clients’ land.  


We proudly service residential and commercial properties in the Boulder County area, and are equipped to handle any range of challenging projects. Whether your property calls for a tricky tree removal, standard pruning and trimming, or general maintenance to keep your trees healthy and safe, we’re your guys.

Meet the Owner - Logan Hollar


Logan is an ISA Certified Arborist who has been working with trees for over a decade. His connection to the land was nurtured in California, where he had a career in wildland firefighting. During his firefighter years he spanned ten states, but Logan has been calling Colorado his home since 2013.


A few years ago, two of Logan's friends began introducing him to arboriculture— asking him for help with jobs. Soon, Logan found himself working on off-days from his regular job to climb trees and practice his skill set as an arborist. The side-gigs quickly grew into a passion, and Logan knew it was time to pursue full-time work as the founder of Hollar Tree Company.

Tree Trimmer in Boulder County, CO - Owner Logan Hollar

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